• Date: February 4, 2024
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Sheff Wed Transfers - So Far!

Once again Sheffield Wednesdays transfer dealings have been limited to free and loan transfers! Every transfer window must feel like groundhog day for any Wednesday manager, we are a team that has been unable to buy players for a long time, so every season we start with a mix bag of players! 

We have on the other hand been able to hold onto a few core players which we tend to build the team around, of course, the stand-out player we have been able to keep hold of is Barry Bannan BUT he is now 32 years old and going into another tough league one season with the weight of the team on his shoulders again, because as with any season, how well we do, will be based on how well Bannan plays over the course of the season.

The transfers window for us so far hasn’t been any different from the last 5 or 6 windows, it’s mostly made up of free transfers (so players who can’t get into their old club or are deemed not good enough for their old club), some loan players (again, players who just need some playing time because they can not get into their parent team) BUT we did spend some money this window – £54,000 in total so far!

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying you need to spend money to have a good team of the best players and yes, I fully agree that free transfers and loan transfers can do wonders for a team BUT not so much in league one! Unless you are getting U23’s/U21’s/U19’s from top-tier teams, the rest just won’t cut it!

If we are getting players that can’t get into a championship side, then how can we expect them to ‘light up’ league one and get us promoted? – yes there is a case of ‘well some players and top quality league one players’ – which is a point I fully agree with, but does that mean once we get promoted, we now need to remove all the ‘top league one players’ and try to find players that are championship level and just see what happens! We have been doing that for the last few seasons (even longer) and it hasn’t got us anywhere.

When we are in league one, we need to find top-quality championship players (from around the world) and sell the club to them and fully make them believe we will be in the premiership in two seasons and we will make them a better players. Then once you are promoted into the championship, you then add in a few top quality premiership players and do the same with them. Again, I am not talking about adding Harry Kane to a league one side BUT I am talking about adding a 17/18-year-old Harry Kane to a league one side. We should be looking at the best U21 players from around the world and adding them to our squad, instead of looking at players from the ‘free market’ every season!

With that being said, let’s take a look at our transfer window so far – 



For me, I think we will miss Hutchinson and Luongo, yes I know they can spend long periods on the sidelines with injuries but I feel both players bring a lot to the dressing room and squad as a whole, they are two players which can do a really good job in league one! The other departures just didn’t work out for the club, Mendez-Laing, Kamberi just didn’t show or do enough in the games they had. Berahino just couldn’t find his form, Dunkley had too many injuries (like Hutch & Mass) and Wildsmith, well he was never going to be our number one, so I don’t believe he will be missed.

As for the new arrivals, only time will tell but looking at our pre-season, I don’t think there is anyone on the list that is standing out as a ‘star player’ or anyone that is going to ‘light up’ league one!

Of course, I hope all of this comes back to bite me on the ass and make me look a fool because, at the end of the day, all we want is Wednesday back in the premiership and staying there!

Just a little side note, Wednesday are still looking at Rangers forward Kemar Roofe and Hull City attacker Mallik Wilks – it looks like we are trying to at least get one of them BUT if we got both of them, it could be a VERY good season for Wednesday!

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