The McGuire Transfer

  • Date: February 4, 2024
  • Time to read: 2 min.

The McGuire transfer has been absolutely bonkers from start to finish, you couldn’t make it up. At first, I believe we were front runners, then Blackburn entered the race and eventually won the race to sign him. Then as he was flying to England for his medical, Blackburn called the transfer off, so McGuire went to Sheffield and waited in a hotel because it was believed Wednesday would do a deal and sign him BUT, I am still not sure if Wednesday even got the chance to speak to McGuire or even Orlando City during this time.

Anyway, after waiting for a good few hours, the Blackburn deal was back on again and McGuire headed to the club for his medical and to sign BUT this seemed to take a long time, I was watching all night and his announcement was AFTER 11 pm (the deadline) but that was that, he was a Blackburn player.

But on Saturday McGuire failed to appear in the full squad list, not the starting team or subs, but the actual full squad list. Then sometime on Saturday evening rumors started to appear from different journalists that the deal was once again going to collapse due to errors made on the paperwork submitted by Blackburn – you couldn’t make it up!

In my opinion, I actually believe Blackburn never really wanted McGuire, most people know the issues Blackburn has and I am very surprised by the amount of players they were trying to sign and did sign BUT now it seems Blackburn are in real trouble on the pitch and off it! I really don’t believe Blackburn has the money to spend, I think they have made deals and will fail to honor them.

All of this, of course, is no help to McGuire who again, finds himself sitting around in England waiting to see what happens, and in the next 24 hours, he could very well find himself on a plane back to Orlando City. It’s very easy to say now BUT McGuire should have just been sold to Wednesday BUT as with everything in Football, money seems to talk.

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